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The reason most women-owned businesses aren't hitting revenue goals they like want is two things: 

Without a plan to market your business that's proven to work, you'll continue to attract the wrong clients and lose sales


Can I just normalize how you feel right now and share good news?

  • There IS A WAY to consistently grow your business so it's bringing in a steady income (plus, paying yourself!) that doesn't require Facebook ads, referrals or foot traffic (because what you've tried isn't making you enough money)
  • There IS A WAY to attract the clients that 1) you actually want to work with and 2) are ready to invest with you (because we no longer want tire-kickers)
  • There IS A WAY to make running your own business easier, so you have more time to be YOU and time for everyone around you while still growing a successful business (because hustle without results equals tears and burnout)


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This is what I've done for the past 12 years with both million dollar businesses and start up entrepreneurs just like you. The principles are the same no matter how big you are or what industry you're in, and I can help you get this done easily and painlessly.


>>> Look at what just ONE strategy did for Melissa <<<

“Mallory is priceless! She has helped me show up as my authentic self for my fall launch. Through a visualization exercise, Mallory guided to me connecting with my audience in a way I never had before. With me being myself and her marketing plan for my big launch, I owe my successful $16,000 launch to her. I am forever grateful.” 

Following the system, strategies and swipe files inside of this program WILL bring you perfect clients, increased sales and a whole lotta confidence.  

EVEN IF you have NO website, NO list and NO idea what you’re doing  

You will NOT have to guess about what to work on or where to show up to attract your ideal clients. I will teach you exactly how to figure out who, where and how to reach your ideal clients, and then how to turn that into a 20-minute daily system.  

You won't need to spend money on Google Adwords, FB Ads or InstaAds OR learn new tech (unless you’re looking for software or tools, then I’ve got those recommendations too!)  

Never feel like you’ve waited too long to launch something OR have no idea what to say to promote yourself or your business again.  

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What's included in the Marketing Magic Academy

Yes, I Need This!

I hate courses.... but I really do need help with marketing. 

I have a love/hate relationships with courses as well. We want to know how to get better, yet it's another thing on the to-do list. The Marketing Magic Academy is designed to work with you on the actions you're taking -- not a how-to build a business from the ground up. Want to get more clients? It will tell you exactly where to start. Need better systems? It will show you how. Need to launch something? Look at Launching 101. Consider it a Marketing Library, that teaches you to be awesome. 

Will this work? 

Yes. I know it will because I've taken countless entrepreneurs, businesses and startups through it. Will YOU work? That is the bigger question. But if you've made it this far, then I know you're hungry for change and ready to step into the space of owning your expertise and business out loud. I also give you 14 days to look at everything, come to a live group call and see for yourself, no questions asked. 

How long is this course?

You get access to everything inside the Academy (and everything I add) FOR-EV-UH. So you can go through it as much and as long as you want. It's not a timed course where you'll learn XYZ in three months. Instead, consider it a resource where you'll go back to the strategies and outlines over and over again. **You also get SEVEN months of live group calls to work out anything you're trying with me*

What do I get out of the Academy? 

The Academy includes more than 100 lessons, templates, outlines, scripts, marketing plans, Trello boards and more to help you bring in more leads, convert more clients to paying customers and explode your business growth. It also includes ALL the bonuses listed above, which are designed to keep you accountable, motivated and focused, every step of the way. 

Can't I do this stuff by myself? 

You absolutely can! But if you were doing it, you'd already be sailing along in your business. And it's usually not WHAT we know that stops us. It's the how, and doing it in the right order at the right time that trips us up. 

How much time will it take to do this?

How much time are you willing to work on your business? There isn't a certain amount of time I recommend setting aside to accomplish these tasks. It's up to you and what ACTION you need to take to hit your goals.  

I do have the 10-minute marketing system I teach in the Academy that teaches you how to do lean marketing every single week. My goal is to teach you how to only do important things that grow your business, and call you out on anything that's wasting your time. Deal? 

What if I can't afford it right now? 

If you can't afford it right now, then you have more problems than marketing. You either don't have viable business or you're afraid to invest in one more thing for yourself. (#justbeinghonest) The Academy is less than $100 a month for six months -- barely more than my YMCA membership that never gets used -- it is worth every penny and more.  

The Academy is my most affordable and comprehensive way to learn how to grow and scale your business in a way that you feel comfortable with. I guarantee my clients get success if they do the work, it's why I offer a 14-day guarantee.  

What if I'm not on social media?

You need to be on social media period. It's how the world works now and how most people decide if you're a legitimate business -- like it or not.  

The strategies inside this Academy aren't geared towards any specific social media platform -- but it does play a role on helping you get visibility. If you know how to get visibility in other ways, then the strateiges in this can still work.  

What if I hate writing & being on video?

I get it! I still get freaked out every time I go live.  

I won't MAKE you do it, but I will tell you that those that put themsevles out there in some way publically, reap the benefits 1000x.  

Don't like video? Do a podcast or write a blog? Hate writing? Do videos or start a podcast? Don't like to do any of these? Hire someone who does.  

I'm not very good at following through... will this work?

As much as I want this to be a silver bullet for you that changes everything, it DOES require you to do the work and think about your business in new ways.  

If you take the steps recommended -- even baby ones and consistently work on marketing your business, you absolutely can do this.  

However, if you can't follow through with anything, then I'd look at why you're business in the first place. Entrepreneurship isn't for the faint of heart, and not every should run their own business.  

Can I get a refund? 

Of course. I want to help make this decision as easy as possible for you -- so that you feel like it's a no-brainer to dive right in.  

If for ANY reason at all, you think this won't work, all you have to do is let me know within the first 14 days and you'll get a full and prompt refund. I only ask that you take the time to look through the Academy, show up to a group coaching call before you decide.  

My specialty is teaching people who think they suck how to run amazing marketing campaigns for their businesses.  

The Marketing Magic Academy helped them radically grow

The Academy transformed my business

"I already knew and trust you and I was confident you knew your stuff. While in the Academy, I learned about all the different components of marketing. It helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do and how all the moving parts worked. Because of that, my whole business changed, from a service to a podcast and it works SO MUCH better for my family.  

If you feel lost and don’t know a thing about marketing, you will learn so much and feel confident.  

If you’re a lonely entrepreneur, you will meet other women in the Marketing Magic Academy. You end up encouraging each other, giving and receiving feedback. Lots of ideas! I was expecting to learn about marketing in MMA - just sit and take notes and learn stuff. I did not realize that I would build relationships with awesome, powerful, strong, intelligent women. These women are #goals."  

Carla Day, Host of Inspector Mama Podcast, member of the Marketing Magic Academy 


  This works for the business owner who wants to stop being the best-kept secret on the Internet but doesn’t have any marketing experience. They’re not sure where to start. Or where to focus their time.  

The Marketing Magic 1x1 System makes it simple.  

A few times a week I get a message telling me how much they love my brand, my message, how spot on it speaks to them -- they ask if I did my own marketing.  

Heck yes. And that’s what I’m going to teach you to do too.  

How do I do it? What you really want to know is how do you bootstrap marketing without hiring a marketing agency that will charge you $5,000 a month and take a whole year to pull together the new copy, campaigns, and offers.  

As entrepreneurs risking everything on this business, whether it’s new, a side hustle still, a growing business that’s slowly scaling -- you need a consistent flow of leads coming in all. The. time.  

How do I bring people into me? How do I stop being the best-kept secret on the Internet? How long do I be consistent before I start seeing results?  

Everything inside the Academy is based on proven systems and strategies that I’ve implemented for more than a decade running the marketing for a seven-figure business, as well as with startups, local small businesses, online coaches, author and more.  

It works, no matter what industry you’re in.  

It works whether you’re currently making no money, or making $10,000 a month.  

It works whether you already have an email list, or you need to figure out how to start one.  


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My business has become more efficient, experienced growth and has become less stressful after taking the Academy

"I had only been in business for about half a year and had just stepped away from working with a different marketing specialist and I was back to figuring it out on my own. I was grasping for straws, pretty much.  

I joined the Academy because I knew Mallory could teach me to think and talk to my target client. I was stuck everywhere, honestly. Everything I thought I knew didn’t work and I had no clue how or where to direct my energy.  

The Academy gave me a refined skillset for discerning what aligns with my business, more confidence in myself and my capabilities and most of all, an effective, specific marketing plan and strategy to accomplish targeted goals that make sense for me. "

- Alyson Rorem, owner at Jasper Fern

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